DJ For Kids Party NJ

DJ for kids party NJTyler the owner of Izzysentertainment has been serving the tri-state areas for over 25 years as a DJ for kids party NJ. As a matter of fact I can provide one children’s entertainer or multiple entertainers for small, medium or large venues. First and foremost I carefully select my entertainers. In addition my entertainers are equally highly skilled at holding the attention of children ages 1-7 for the following events:

My children’s entertainers NJ deliver superb

Arguably I am a highly skilled DJ for kids party NJ and Emcee.  By and large I understand what music gets an audience on the dancefloor.  There is no doubt that knowing what songs are best suited for the kids and adults is my specialty.  In fact some of the exciting games I play with the kids are the following.

     Hula hoop contest- Kids hold hands and pass hula hoop over themselves. When music stops wherever the hula hoop is the child is eliminated

     Dress up relay races- Children form two teams.  At the same time each team must kick ball around a cone. Afterword the team member has put a hat, sunglasses, and bowtie before continuing to pass the ball around the cone.

     Balloon stuff shirt contest- Another fun game kids love.  Children wear oversized shirts. The first team of 3-4 kids to stuff the shirts with the most balloons wins.

     Freeze dance-  Furthermore yet another exciting game.  I put multiple hula hoops on the floor. The children must dance outside of the hula hoops. When the music stops the children music get inside the hula hoop.  Everytime I stop the music I take away another hula hoop.

     Floor hopscotch- In my opinion one of the best games for all ages. Children follow me to my dance moves while jumping over an octagonal floor crosstraining system.

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