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Party Entertainer For Kids | 3 Tips for Hiring the Right Kids Party Entertainer

Central NJ Party Entertainer for KidsLooking for a Central NJ party entertainer  for kids?  Hiring a kids’ party entertainer for your children’s party can be a stressful experience. Knowing how to choose the right and best entertainer  for your kids can be daunting but here are a few ideas that may help.

Choosing a Central NJ Party Entertainer for Kids

The goal of hiring a children’s entertainer is to ultimately have a successful children’s party that is safe and fun for your children and their friends. For example, for health and safety reasons, a professional will blow up balloons using a pump and not by mouth.  Here are some other tips to help you find a professional party entertainer.

Call local kids party entertainers only.

If you’re calling a kids’  birthday party entertainer you’ve found on the Internet, ask them where they’re located. If they’re hundreds of miles away, they’ll probably be a “talent agency” middleman company that will subcontract the job to some unknown person who is local to you and this will end up costing you more. Avoid this kind of third party contract. It’s not only cheaper to find the local person yourself but it is also better because you can meet them in person and ask around about their reputation.

  • Word-of-mouth is a very important means for finding good entertainers. Ask other moms and dads, teachers, caregivers, etc., to get their feedback on entertainers they’ve used in the past.

Know the entertainer you are hiring.

Remember you are going to be making a contract with the entertainer. To have a valid contract you need to know the name of the entertainer or the company you are contracting with. Be sure you know the name, address, phone number and legal contact person for the company you are dealing with for your protection and the safety of your child. Be very careful  dealing with companies on the Internet that do not provide this information. Also, have the following information ready for them:

  • The exact date and time. It can also be handy to ask about cancellation fees or reschedule dates in case something goes amiss.
  • Exactly how many kids you’re expecting to be at the party and their age range.
  • How many kids the entertainment package will cover.
  • The amount of time you want the kids to be entertained for, and whether or not this includes eating time.
  • Ask about the level of variety (for example, face painting, balloons, tricks, stories, etc.) the entertainer can provide; this can be very important for a party of longer duration where the kids can easily grow bored.
  • Any particular preferences for performance ideas, tricks, and so on, that you have in mind.
  • If you don’t have a venue in mind, this is a good opportunity to ask if the entertainer has their own premises or good suggestions.

Make a choice based on more than price.

Price is not the only indicator to keep in mind when making your selection. While you may be tempted to take the cheapest price, only do so if you’re also guaranteed a high level of professionalism and the entertainer has a good reputation.

  • Does the manner in which they present their company or activities appear professional and polished? Does their advertising material (website, pamphlets, etc.) reveal that they have taken care in putting together what they have to offer? Have they taken the time to add photos or videos of their work and talents? Who is doing the job? Are they sending in an employee?
  • Does the entertainer provide the range of activities and talents you’re after?
  • Does the entertainer provide more than one person when he or she is offering one-to-one activities such as face-painting? If not, how can they keep the remaining children entertained while one child is the focus of their attention?
  • Does the entertainer have any memberships or qualifications that they can show you? For example, does the entertainer belong to a guild of magicians,  or a club of children’s entertainers that you can look up? Do they have references from other parents or schools?
  • Do the two of you “click”? The entertainer’s enthusiasm and willingness to be a successful part of your child’s party should be evident to you through their tone of voice, the information they’ve provided, their flexibility to accommodate your wishes, and the extent of agreement to the things you’d like to happen.

Overall, these are just a few of the most important tips to consider when choosing a  Northern NJ or Central NJ entertainer for kids. Whether you are looking for an entertainer, face painter or magician for your child’s birthday party or some other event, Izzy’s Entertainment can help. Located in Central-Northern NJ, we have over  25 years of experience. We serve areas such as Red Bank, Princeton, West Windsor, East Windsor, Belle Mead, Hillsborough, Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Colts Neck, Holmdel, Marlboro, Manalapan, Freehold, Madison, Short Hills, Millburn, Westfield, Hoboken, Jersey
City, Montclair, Upper Monclair, West Caldwell, Livingston, Essex Falls, Ridgewood, Glen Ridge, Mountain Lakes, Upper Saddle River, Alpine, Hackensack, and more. For more information on booking, please feel free to call us at 732-266-3471, or contact us here.



Magician for Parties

Magician for Parties in Northern New JerseyHiring the right magician for parties can make or break an event. Different entertainers deliver different shows so finding the best magician for parties is crucial for the ultimate party for your child. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are seeking a magician for parties in the NJ area. Here are some tips.

Tips for Hiring a Great Magician for Parties

  • Talk to your the magician before your event. A truly professional, top-notch kids’ magician for parties will speak with you personally before your event in order to personalize the entertainment to your specific needs. That way, your attendees are guaranteed the best possible event. Don’t book a kids’ magician for parties just because they have a great looking website. Talk with them to be certain that they have a fun and outgoing personality.
  • Not all NJ kids’ magicians for parties are created equal. You are likely to encounter a series of paid advertisements for party and event entertainment, but finding a quality kids’ magician for parties is the hard part. Many magicians entertain part-time on the weekends for some extra income. When planning your event, a “full-time” entertainer is your best bet, as they will have the most experience and they will have a vested interest in making your event the best it can be. This isn’t to say that all part-time magicians for parties are mediocre. There are many out there that can rival the best.
  • Make sure that you seek out a magician who is good with children. Not everyone can captivate children while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Not all magicians truly understand or work regularly with children to truly understand what it takes to keep their attention. Given the short attention spans of children, you want to make sure that you choose a kids magician for parties who has a proven track record of success when working with kids. A kids’ magician whose experience involves mostly working with adults may not be able to retain the attention of young ones for 5 minutes, let alone 45 minutes. So make sure that the entertainer you choose likes kids and has a truly animated, fun-loving style.
  • Any entertainer worth considering will be able to provide references. Entertaining a young audience is no easy task, so booking an entertainer who is just starting out is a risk that you should not take a chance on. All good entertainers will be able to provide references on request from past clients. Be wary of those who cannot or will not give you any references or recommendations.
  • You get what you pay for. The better entertainers are worth paying for, even in a tough economy. The price of a good NJ magician for parties generally reflects the quality of the services they offer. So, while a less expensive entertainer may reflect a financial savings, the rule of thumb in the children’s entertainment industry is that the cheaper the rate, the poorer and more limited the performance. If you hire someone because of their great price but they end up putting the kids to sleep, you’ve actually overpaid.  If you pay a little more and the kids, adults and even the teenagers have a great time,  you’ve gotten a great deal.

Looking for an Awesome NJ Magician for Parties?

Tyler Winters is a master NJ magician for parties and is the owner of Izzy’s Entertainment. He has been providing kid’s party entertainment services for over 25 years.  His services are perfect for Communions, Christenings, Corporate Events, Block Parties, Festivals, Store Grand Openings, and Baby’s First Birthday Parties. Tyler will incorporate different magic tricks into his show tailored to the age range of the children. Service areas in NJ, NYC, & PA include Red Bank, Princeton, Millburn, Westfield, Hoboken, Alpine, Essex Fells, Manhattan, Upper Saddle River, Rumson, Fair Haven, and many more! Contact Izzy’s Entertainment today for your child’s special event by calling (732)266-3471 or visiting the website.

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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Kids DJ NJ

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Kids DJ NJ

Have you been to children’s parties where kids are shy and left behind? For example, the overbearing kids take over leaving the quiet children on the sidelines. No doubt when you hire Tyler the owner of kids are encouraged to participate from the beginning of your event to the end. First and foremost Tyler has a special gift for immediately connecting with all ages and personality types. In addition, from the moment I enter a kids party in N.J. my energy and excitement brings your event to life.

Furthermore with many children’s entertainers in N.J. choosing a highly experienced kids DJ NJ is critical in making your event a success. Izzysentertainment is arguably one of the best kids entertainers N.J. and is featured on this excellent family entertainers directory  As a matter of fact you can find izzysentertainment on kids In my opinion you deserve the best children’s entertainment making parents happy they stayed and enjoyed with their kids!

Kids DJ NJ

Below are the top 10 reasons to hire a DJ for kids in N.J.

1. Professional MC

First and foremost a professional MC runs your event allowing you and your guests to relax and enjoy

2. Expert timing

MC Tyler brings sophistication to your event by expertly timing when the children’s entertainment begins.

3. Multi Talent

By and large Tyler is a multi talent and performs the work of 4 entertainers

4. Balloon Art

Balloon art entertains the kids during cocktail hour and can be performed table side

5. Interaction

As a matter of fact premixed music with the latest songs allows nonstop interaction with children

6. Props

In addition DJ Tyler supplies all props needed to perform games

7. Sound System

Izzysentertainment uses a state of the art wireless headset mic allowing perfect sound for any venue.

8. Dancing

Above all DJ Tyler will keep the kids on the dance floor for the entire duration of your party.

9. Face Painting

Meanwhile while kids music is playing Tyler paints hand and cheek art or amazing full face designs

10. Comedy Magic

In Conclusion Tyler performs a high energy interactive comedy magic show for kids in N.J.


Party Ideas

Great Party entertainment ideas in New Jersey area

screen-shot-0028-09-26-at-7-35-57-pmIf you are looking for a unique Party Idea for your next children’s party in the Edison area of New Jersey, consider hiring one of the best kids entertainers ny in the area…Izzy’s entertainment!

Izzy’s Entertainment is one of the best kids birthday party entertainers nj. Izzy provides balloon twisters, and balloon artists in New Jersey, Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westfield and New York. Izzy’s Entertainment features Children’s DJ’s, airbrush artists, airbrush tattoos, face painting for children’s parties and children’s magicians We provide the best childrens party entertainers in all of New Jersey, New York, Woodbridge, Westfield, Montclair, Newark, Jersey City, Princeton, and Staten Island. We have entertainers available in all cities throughout New Jersey and New York.


12 Great Party Ideas for your Children’s Party or event in New Jersey

  1. Let Izzy make a surprise guest appearance and perform a half hour of fun slapstick comedy magic for your guests! The birthday child helps the magician do the magic too! A magician is a perfect addition to any type of event or Party in the New Jersey area.
  2. Pizza Making Parties are the perfect way to find culinary common ground with your children, introduce them to new flavors, and cook together as a family. Pizza Making Parties are ideal for ages 7 and up and we recommend a maximum of 15 kids per party.
  3. Making Teaching Parties are an incredible and exciting party theme where children ages 7 and up have the opportunity to learn professional magic tricks. These magic teaching theme parties are geared towards ages 7 and up and are suggested for groups of 12 children. Magic parties are the quintissential afterschool activity for daycares, summer camp activities, and birthday party idea.
  4. Hire a Balloon Twister for your next event or Children’s party in the Miami area. Balloon twisting is a great addition to a children’s themed restaurant too!
  5. Airbrush, face painting and Body Art for all types of Parties in Edison New Jersey. Children love to have their body or face painted. This is a unique entertainment service for corporate events too!
  6. For a real unique Party Idea, how about hiring a DJ for your next kids birthday party in the New Jersey area. Kids are tickled with delight when Izzy spins fun records for the kids to dance to. We can Provide a DJ for any New York or New Jersey event or function.
  7. How about a pirate magic party or princess party theme for your child’s birthday party. Izzy brings all the equipment. Your guests bring the live entertainment!
  8. Hilarious Hand Puppet shows in the New Jersey or New York areas are always a hit with the younger children!
  9. Fun party games are another great party idea for kids in New Jersey and surrounding New York cities. Our “Game Master” party service provides the party children with fun kids sized basketball nets, miniature golf, musical chairs and more!
  10. For a real unique party idea in the New Jersey area, how about combining our services! We can perform one or all of our services for your next party! Nothing beats a party with a live Kids DJ, a balloon animal twister, a puppet show, an awesome kids magic show and airbrush tattoos!
  11. Surprise party ideas! Let Tyler (Izzy) help you surprise your child and their friends with a dinousar theme magic party. We can arrive at your childs circus themed party or event unannounced and surprise your guests with any of our party entertainment services.
  12. Have an idea that you don’t see listed here? If you have a creative party idea, Call Tyler today and we will accommodate you. Lets do something different and exciting for your next party or event in the New York Metro area!


No matter what size event you are planning, whether indoors or outdoors, you can count on Izzy’s Entertainment to provide top notch customized family entertainment year after year. We will always exceed your expectations with our highly skilled kids party entertainers for ages 2-12

We can customize your Children’s Party in New Jersey and surrounding New York areas. Lets be creative and create a truly fun and unique party experience together.

Call Today to book Izzy’s entertainment services for your next function or event for kids in the New Jersey and New York areas, please call 732 266 3471


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